Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is LotanChain?

LotanChain is an established blockchain application platform that is based on the UTXO model that is used by Bitcoin. LotanChain adopts the harmonious mechanism of PoS. Our Blockchain network enables programmers to develop, manage, and distribute decentralized blockchain applications and Smart contracts projects by deploying their sidechains that are linked to the LotanChain network. Owing to the flexibility of our network, developers can customize and implement their blockchain applications exclusively.

We believe that for blockchain to attain its full potential, mass adoption is necessary. The dominance of centralized user-friendly interfaces and lack of technological knowledge keeps this revolutionary technology away from consumers who would immensely benefit from it. LotanChain strives to solve this problem by presenting unparalleled levels of accessibility through our developer platforms, education, through our online community, and scalability.

At LotanChain we believe that Blockchain will revolutionize the way the world does most things. We use blockchain because of its inherent immutability features that enable us to offer a transparent audit so that our community can verify the validity of data. We understand that transparency is crucial in any data provision field and we ensure that we know where and how the data was sourced to guarantee accuracy and validity.

Blockchain is a platform that allows cryptocurrencies to be exchanged, but it has a variety of uses. Blockchain technology is a decentralized database system and ledgers that store transaction information and are distributed across different nodes.

Blockchain is considered to be the biggest technological innovations today. Because of this technology, trust can be established through code and collaboration instead of relying on third-party tech giants. Additionally, data is more reliable and there are fewer technical failures when this technology is used in different areas.

Blockchain is a technology that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are powered by. Cryptocurrency is just one of the many uses of Blockchain. LotanChain was founded on the potential of blockchain to improve our world today.

The utilization of blockchain technology is now easier than ever with the LotanChain Platform. If you have an app idea that needs the use of identity protocols, payment and many more, you can build with blockchain. Checkout out our developer page for detailed information.


Companies that deal with financial services, manufacturing, charitable donations and crowd funding, insurance, the banking sector, education, capital markets, copyright infringement, voting and polls, travel, and retail. Our Blockchain Network also benefits supply chain, healthcare industries, gaming, and cybersecurity.

The LotanChain network is both trustless and decentralized. This means that no single individual directly controls our network.

DAPPs stand for Decentralized Applications. Applications that are built on dApp are decentralized and distributed, a copy of the blockchain will be available on multiple servers and it can still operate even if one node fails. Each Dapp that is created with the LotanChain development framework and tools will run on LotanChain sidechain technology.

A smart contract refers to a computer protocol that is intended to digitally verify, facilitate, or enforce the performance or negotiation of a contract. Smart contracts enable the performance of credible transactions without the need for third parties.

Decentralized applications will include the entire package of front-end that the users see and back-end which is the app algorithm that is behind it. On the other hand, Smart contracts will only consist of back-end algorithms.

Any developer that has Java Scripting or Solidity, C, Visual Studio, and C++skills is able to use the LotanChain development platform to generate Blockchain powered apps.

LotanChain can help developers who want to develop and launch their own DAPPs and Smart contracts projects. We offer an open-source blockchain that is free to use and we provide our developers will all the resources that they require to succeed in their quest. Our platform has been created to ensure that blockchain technology is as simple as possible. Many developers choose our platform because of its simplicity, ease of use, free programming resources, and the fact that developers can use their preferred programming language.

Developers do not have to be technical for them to use LotanChain. We strive to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Developers can educate themselves and download applications on their own without the need to have deep technical expertise and knowledge. Our documentation is easy to understand and we offer a seamless user experience on our platform.

At LotanChain, we have a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds like finance, software, programming, and cloud development. Therefore, we have an in-depth understanding of what our prospective customers ate going through. Our network is also a hybrid of Ethereum and Bitcoin and our network is also open source and MIT licensed.

We understand that many people shy away from blockchain technology owing to security concerns. However, you should never worry about LotanChain Network because we have real-time checkpoint computing that will protect our clients from 51% attacks. The incorporated Bitcoin core that we use in our system features a double SHA265 hash function that helps to prevent any potential collision.

Much of the trust in LotanChain comes from the fact that our blockchain network does not require any trust at all. This is because LotanChain is decentralized and fully open-source. This simply means that everyone has access to all the source codes at any given time. Our developers from around the globe are free to verify and even inspect how LotanChain works and operates.

LotanChain has never been hacked in the past and we are not aware of any active hacking attempts. Therefore, you can be confident that LotanChain network is fully secure.

Currently, LotanChain has two official wallets. We have a desktop wallet and a mobile app that caters to the needs of different clients. Our wallets are developed and maintained by our team of professionals and provide a secure way for clients to store their assets.

Yes, LotanChain has a mobile wallet. We understand that the world has gone mobile and that is why we offer the LotanChain Mobile. Our mobile app is available on Android and iPhone devices..

LotanChain is an unconventional blockchain platform that is professionally built and improves the functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as blockchain. With a LotanChain wallet, you are able to manage your digital assets with ease and will be assured of security whenever you transact online.

lotanChain wallets are suitable for all and they provide users with a more secure way of exchanging and managing blockchain assets. With LotanChain wallets, you will never have to deal with confusing jargon, messy wallets, or technical talk throughout the download process or when using your wallet. LotanChain wallets can be used by experienced users and anyone who is using an exchange for the first time.

LotanChain is driven by a passionate and diverse community that continuously accelerates our projects to make blockchain technology accessible to every industry and individual. The LotanChain is continuously growing and we have daily discussions that take place across different social media channels. We also have several community-led initiatives that are developed and grow on almost a daily basis. Member can join our telegram and discord communities to get access to resources and learn from other members.