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We’ve built a dev portal Built On LotanChain

Our developer portal provides the tools and resources that developers and business can build and deploy decentralized applications, tokens and smart contracts quick and easy.

Problem & Solution

We are creating tokens to solve the world’s biggest blockchain issues surrounding cross-border payments, data accessibility and payment.


At LotanChain, we have created a developer platform that is user-friendly. Most of our developers agree that LotanChain is one of the simplest platforms for creating Smartcontracts and Dapps and we focus on innovative blockchain solutions.

Avoid Programming Language Barriers

Our platform boasts of a multi-language coding feature. As a result, developers who are skilled in any of the popular programming languages can easily start creating Dapps and Smartcontracts. With our platform, you are guaranteed of creating high-quality and secure software because the coders are conversant with the programming language.

Open Source

LotanChain Developer Portal Allows Developers To Learn, Build, Test & Deploy Smartcontracts And DAPPs LotanChain offers developers a free, open-source blockchain to develop on. We will use the developer portal to recruit and recognize a wide range of developers that develop on our platform.

Blockchain Network

Decentralized open source smart contract supported by masternodes.

Hybrid Bitcoin / Ethereum

Merged codebase from Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows the Ethereum Virtual Machine to work on the entire Bitcoin ecosystem within the LotanChain Network.

X86 Virtual Machine

Our x86 Virtual Machine supports Java, C, C++, and other popular programming languages, that allow the adoption and development of smart contracts.

Real Time Checkpoint Computing

Protects the history of our blockchain from being changed by 51% attacks. Broadcasts block height and hash of the main chain that cannot be overwritten.

Decentralized Applications

Turing-complete programming language, allowing developer to create applications within the LotanChain ecosystem of DAPPs.

Double SHA-256

Our integrated Bitcoin core uses a double SHA265 hash function in order to minimize the chances of a collision.

Account Abstraction Layer (AAL)

Maintains the performance of our blockchain which allows decentralized applications & smart contracts to run in highly scalable environments.


LotanChain and our partners have created a number of highly effective strategies that can take any blockchain project to it’s next level.


Mobile Application & Blockchain developement.


We are happy to share our knowledge with clients, or offer hands-on help.


Deliver world-class marketing solutions for blockchain companies.

Support & Maintenance

Maintain your mobile application and offer technical support to your users.

The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind LotanChain. Very few are listed, their exposure is completely optional and we respect their preference to maintain their privacy.

David M.
Founder & Blockchain Developer
Thayne S.
Strategy, Business Developement
Shehan Z.
Resarch Analyst, Marketing
Dominica M.
Marketing, Social Media Relations
Deric L.
Blockchain Operations Support Manager
Uche L.
Community Manager
Sergey I.
Developer & Project Manager
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